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Learn GTO strategy and raise your edge over the field
with High-End, Next-Generation Poker Solver.

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Get precise results to your screen in a matter of seconds, not minutes or hours. Go through more spots, analyze more scenarios and bring your EV ever higher with the speed brought to you by our proprietary combination of Cloud Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, and our own CFR Engine.


Learn GTO any place, any time, any PC

The pain is gone! No more expensive private servers, no hardware required. Just sit with your laptop, connect to the internet and sharpen your edge over the competition.

As most poker pros, we’re obsessed with the freedom, convenience and sky is the limit ROI from the tools we use. And so are you. Let’s work together.


Feel professional
at every step

As poker professionals, we understand the importance of comprehensive, convenient support. We all earn our money at the poker tables, so we understand how crucial it is to make the GTO learning process as simple and effective as possible.

Our Technical Support and Customer Success Teams are at your full disposal.

Change the Game


Complete Poker Solver Toolkit

We provide poker professionals with the most comprehensive set of tools for learning GTO Strategy. Analyze the game, find your leaks and create best counterstrategies for the toughest opposition at your stakes.


Bulk Calculations · Hand Import · GTO Trainer


Learn. Practice. Crush. Repeat.

Take your game to another level with the first Next-Generation Nash-Equilibrium Poker Solver. Utilize the power of cutting-edge technology and tailored-for-PROs solutions and sharpen your GTO edge over the field.

All you have to do next is to crush your tables. And then repeat! And again!

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Imagined by Pros
Designed for Pros

Deepsolver is founded and imagined by professional poker players, who brought out together a team of developers, AI engineers, data scientists and designers to redefine the experience of poker solvers. To change the game.

That claim and promise extend to the quality of service and support, your data privacy and safety as well as long-term technical support and development commitment. We are here for the long term game.

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